Tygodniowy przegląd wiadomości ze świata: 31.10-6.11

1. Przegląd wiadomości z tygodnia ubiegłego można znaleźć tutaj

2. Katastrofa nuklearna w Fukushimie – informacje znajdują się  tutaj. Ostatnia aktualizacja: 11.11.2011

3. Tygodniowy przegląd wiadomości ze świata (w wersji oryginalnej). Codzienne aktualizacje znajdują się na witrynie Rice’a Farmera.


Bundesbank: c’bank reserves will not help fund EFSF

„Germany on Saturday rejected media reports that Bundesbank reserves would be used to fund the euro zone’s rescue facility after German newspapers said Group of 20 leaders had discussed the idea of tapping central banks.”

In Act of Desperation, G20 Asks Germany to Pledge its Gold for EFSF Rescue Fund, Bundesbank Refuses; Grateful for the Arrogance

Markets abandoning hopes for lasting euro zone solution

„After another week of confusion and turmoil in Europe, investors are ditching whatever hopes they once had for a conclusive solution to the debt crisis.”

Euro zone countries could split, says Goldman Sachs exec

Papandreou out as Greek leaders agree unity government deal

Swiss Central Bank Threatens More Action to Ward off Deflation; Swiss Real Estate Overheating; Don’t Worry, It’s Not a Bubble (It Just Looks Like One)

France to unveil new austerity steps

„The French government will on Monday announce its latest efforts to bring its finances under control, with a new package of tax increases expected to be unveiled.”

Air Canada hit by forex, fuel prices

Crushing debt jeopardizes Quebec’s welfare state

„Quebec’s much-vaunted welfare and family programs are veering towards collapse under a crushing debt load that puts it in the company of financial basket cases like Greece and Italy, says a new study.”

Just when people were thinking that everything is peachy in Canada. — RF

Rising Food, Fuel Prices Slow Indian Economy

Challenges ahead as industry skills decline (Australia)

Kenyans turn to selling possessions as inflation bites

ECB debates ending Italy bond buys if reforms don’t come

Greek parties bicker over coalition to save the nation

The Revolt of the Debtors

„The attempt to impose a benevolent creditors’ dictatorship is now being met by a debtors’ revolt. Financial markets have reacted so strongly because investors now comprehend that „sovereign debt” is the debt of a sovereign that can simply decide not to pay.”

29 big banks given higher capital mandates

„The banks were deemed ‘too big to fail,” meaning if one of them collapsed, given the reach of its financial impact in loans and investments, a domino effect would ensue, causing chaos throughout the world’s financial system.”

Bank exodus from euro zone sovereign debt quickens

„Banks including BNP Paribas and ING are ditching billions of euros of euro zone government bonds, cutting their exposure to the region’s trouble spots.”

Commerzbank Reports Quarterly Loss on Greek Writedowns

„Commerzbank AG, Germany’s second- largest lender, swung to a third-quarter loss after writing down the value of its Greek government debt holdings and said it will miss a profit target next year.”

Europe. Is. Finished.

„Europe is finished. The region’s entire banking system is insolvent (with few exceptions). European non-financial corporations are running massive debt to equity ratios. And even EU sovereign states require intervention from the ECB just to meet current debt issuance, to say nothing of the huge amount of sovereign debt roll over that is due over the next 14 months.”

No new euro zone money for debt crisis at G20

Former Bundesbank President Weber Warns Germany Will Be On The European Bail Out Hook For Up To 314% Of Its GDP

Global recession grows closer as G20 summit fails

If Greece leaves the euro, it’ll be a failed state in minutes

Ireland Plans $17B of Austerity

Italy government hangs by thread as coalition crumbles

Italy accepts IMF monitoring, EU looks for support

Italian Bond Yields and Spreads at Euro-Record High; Massive and Growing 2-10 Inversion a Sign of Pending Portuguese Implosion

Cash-poor Portugal raises $1.7 bln in debt auction

Behind The Scenes European Panic As Interbank Liquidity At Worst Level Ever

Will Ontario housing soon be priced completely beyond reach?

Bank Transfer Day: Occupy-backed assault on big banks gaining steam

Central Banks Quietly Accumulating Gold – Declared Purchases of 206 Tons Through September 2011

Canada Loses Most Jobs Since 2009 as Jobless Rate Rises to 7.3%; Meaningful Miss Sends Loonie Lower

Turkish Inflation Surges on Lira Slide, Challenging Bank

Venezuela’s Inflation Rate Rises at Fastest Pace in 7 Months

HSBC Customers Impacted By „Worldwide Meltdown” Of All Retail Services

Not With A Bang, But A 28% Annualized Decline: Charting The End Of The German Manufacturing Miracle

Abu Dhabi’s vision dims amid Dubai-like property slump

Merkel and Sarkozy Halt Payments to Athens

Greek PM scraps referendum amid calls to resign

Greek Premier Ready To Step Down

China’s Zhu Says ‘Too Soon’ to Discuss More EFSF Purchases

Greek Euro Exit: 60% Currency Devaluation, Default, Banking Sector Collapse

Japan holds off investing in Greek rescue fund

Libya central bank looks to IMF amid cash crisis

AIG loses $4 billion on planes, weak markets

„It was the 10th time in the last 15 quarters, dating to 2008, that AIG lost at least $1 billion.”

Ireland Plans To Close Embassy To Vatican

„Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore said Ireland was under grave financial pressure as it tries to slash spending in line with its international bailout last year.”

Crisis Prompts ECB Rate Cut

Emirates sees profit slide 76% on fuel, Arab Spring

AMD to cut 1,400 workers, new CEO’s first big move

Italian bond yields at ‘scary’ levels

France, Germany demand quick Greek decision on euro

Whispers of Return to Drachma Grow Louder in Greek Crisis

REMINDER: Here’s Who Will Get Crushed If Italy Goes Bust

Berlusconi holds crisis meeting on economy

Europe Undeniably in Recession; Germany Manufacturing PMI Contracts for First Time in Two Years, New Orders Collapse

Euro-Area Manufacturing Production Contracts

Business Leaders Urge Bigger Role for Yuan

„Business leaders meeting alongside the Group of 20 industrial and developing nations summit in France on Wednesday endorsed a move toward a „multipolar” global currency system, with a greater role for the Chinese yuan.”

Middle East economies next up for financial assistance?

OneSteel Posts Grim Outlook

Hilarious Video of Eurocrats in Action, Ripping Off Taxpayers and Running Into Walls to Avoid the Cameras

Export Miracle Over!

„Conditions in the global manufacturing sector remained broadly stagnant in October. Levels of production and new orders fell slightly over the month, while new export orders declined at the quickest pace for almost two-and-a-half years.”

Krugman Warns Of „Gigantic Bank Run”, „Emergency Bank Closing” And „New Lira”

Greek referendum could mean CDS Greek default trigger

„The reason for the alarm is that the Greek citizenry is not in favour of the bailout agreed to in Brussels last week. The FT reports that 60% of Greeks would reject the deal.”

EU Deal Unravels from Many Sides; Italy, France Bond Spreads Hit Record High vs. Germany; Bund Yield Drops Most on Record; All Out Bond Crisis

Wheels Come Off Euro Plan in Just Five Days

Greek 1-Year Bond Yield Hits 205%

IMF May Create Credit Line for Countries

„The International Monetary Fund may create a six-month credit line for countries facing shocks, officials from Group of 20 governments and IMF said, as the European debt crisis rocks global financial markets.”

Dow falls nearly 300 points on fear of Europe debt deal blow-up

Europe Debt Crisis Threatens Asian Growth

Will Italy Re-Denominate Back Into Lire?

C.Suisse cuts 1,500 more jobs, shrinks investment bank

Nol loss confirms gloomy container ship trend (FT)

„One of the world’s most closely watched container shipping companies, Singapore’s Neptune Orient Lines, provided further evidence of the continuing plunge in the sector’s earning power on Monday, announcing a US$91m loss for the third quarter on rates per container down 19 percent year-on-year.”

Floods halve Honda N. America output

„Honda Motor Co. said it will halve output at all six plants in the United States and Canada for 10 days starting Wednesday because the flooding in Thailand has disrupted parts supplies.”

Thailand floods could create laptop shortage

China advocates Europe borrow in renminbi

Japan Pledges to Keep Buying Euro Bailout Bonds

Greece throws euro bailout into fresh crisis

„The Greek prime minister, George Papandreou, stunned Europe’s leaders on Monday after he proposed that his country should hold a referendum on the landmark European debt deal reached last week.”

In 2009, Greek Debt-to-GDP was 127%; Target for 2020 is now 120%; Is this Progress?

Three Out Of Four: Spain Joins Ireland, Portugal With A Gun To Its Head, Demanding Concessions

Nigel Farage Tells Judge Nap the EU Will Collapse; Revolution Coming to Greece

Must-see video. — RF

Credit-Default Swap Risk Bomb Is Wired to Explode (Bloomberg)

Afterglow From Euro Bailout Quickly Fades for Investors

Demand For EFSF Paper Collapses As World Wakes Up To Post Bailout Hangover

Japan May Prepare Sustained Intervention

„Finance Minister Jun Azumi said in Tokyo he will „continue to intervene until I am satisfied,” after yen sales yesterday that Credit Suisse Group AG analysts estimated may have exceeded $50 billion.”

Debase, debase, debase. — RF

Maruti Suzuki Profit Hurt by Labor Unrest

Qantas says industrial unrest costing $20m a week

China to hold sway at G20 Cannes summit

Businessman Gives ‘Naked Truth’ About Italy Crisis

Moody’s Turns Moody on Europe, Sees Bailout Risks Spreading

EURUSD Retraces Entire ‘Bailout’ In 3 Days

German steel industry loses momentum, blast furnace closures likely

Whoa! More blast furnace shutdowns on the horizon. Shades of the 2008 crash. — RF


Israel, U.S. to embark on largest joint exercise in allies’ history

Force against Iran would be destabilizing: France

IAEA report on Iran set to raise Middle East tension

Far right on rise in Europe, says report

US warns of attacks on luxury Nigerian hotels after 150 killed

Violent weekend threatens Arab League deal with Syria

Pakistan Rebuts Report on Movement of Nukes

Guatemala’s bloody battle with Mexican drug cartels

Four killed after bombs target Iraq Sunni militia

Saudi Prince Salman named defence minister

The economic road ahead for China and Pakistan
„The global economic superpower of China is symbolic in its ambitious Karakoram Highway expansion project in Pakistan.”

Libya dispatch: as lawlessness spreads, are the rebel ‘good guys’ turning bad?

India, Pakistan Will Compete for Influence in Afghanistan, Musharraf Says

Greece’s prime minister survives confidence vote

Syrian forces kill 19, government offers amnesty

Israeli PM orders investigation into Iran leak

„Kuwaiti paper says Binyamin Netanyahu believes the heads of the Mossad and Shin Bet may have leaked plans for attack”

IAEA report to point to military work-diplomats

„A U.N. watchdog report on Iran’s nuclear programme next week is expected to include evidence of research and other activities which make little sense if not weapons-related, Western diplomats said on Friday.”

Pakistan Carts Its Nukes Around In Delivery Vans

CIA Drones Kill Large Groups Without Knowing Who They Are

It’s long been known that drones hardly ever kill bad guys. — RF

U.S. Reins in Drones Over Diplomatic Concerns

Democracy Is Tolerated Until It Threatens Global Markets

New US War in Africa Indicates a Shift into the Shadows

Sadr says to resist any U.S. presence in Iraq

„Anti-U.S. Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said Thursday he would resist any American presence in Iraq, including a civilian one, beyond year-end when all U.S. forces depart nearly nine years after the invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.”

Palestinians won’t accept less than full U.N. seat

Islamist Jihad ready for all-out war with Israel

„The Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad, which traded deadly fire with Israel at the weekend in Gaza, does not expect a subsequent truce to last long and has at least 8,000 fighters ready for war, a spokesman said.”

Israelis hold defense drill for missile attack

US pushes toward more biting Iran sanctions

„The US House Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday targeted Iran’s oil industry amid a raft of new sanctions. Israel and Britain, meanwhile, prepared for military action.”

Nigeria pirates hijack MT Halifax oil tanker

Anti-U.S. politicians on the rise as Pakistan ponders elections

„With expectations rising in Pakistan of an election being called within months, anti-American politicians are in the ascendancy, leaving the current pro-U.S. government facing defeat.”

Israel ready to stop boats heading for Gaza

PLO to pursue statehood despite Israeli measures

U.S. House Panel’s Sanctions Bill Targets Iran’s Oil Sector

Analysis: Russia, China may blunt Western pressure on Iran

UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears

Iran within range of Israeli rocket

Obama team criticizes Israeli settlements

Syria agrees to Arab plan, military pull out

New Libyan PM taught at University of Alabama, led Muslim community in Tuscaloosa

Hacker Group Backs Away From Threat To Mexican Cartel

U.S. Ready To Sell F-35 to India: Pentagon

Israel to speed up settlement building in West Bank

Berlin ‘threatens sixth sub sale to Israel’

U.N. panel sees „alarming resurgence” of mercenaries

Syria says reaches deal with Arab League on unrest

NATO Chief: No Intention of Attacking Syria

Officials: Syria puts landmines on border with Lebanon

China-US Energy Geopolitics: The Battle for Oil in the South China Sea (Chossudovsky)

Greek government teeters on brink of collapse in wake of referendum plan

Bishkek mulls U.S. air base

„The candidate set to take the presidency in Kyrgyzstan said he was reluctant to offer continued support for the U.S military base in his country.”

Suspected suicide bomber hits Kazakh oil city

„A suspected suicide bomber attacked one of Kazakhstan’s main oil cities yesterday, raising the prospect of a sustained bombing campaign by Islamic militants on Central Asia’s most stable country.”

Europe On The Verge Of A Political Crisis

Greece Replaces Military Chiefs

„Greece reshuffled its military chiefs Nov. 1 amid a political crisis that could see a government downfall following a controversial decision to put a European Union debt rescue deal to a referendum.”

US fears uncoordinated Israeli strike on Iran

Japan PM: Asia should act over China disputes: FT

„Japan: Asian countries should work together to encourage China’s increasingly assertive military to obey the rules of the sea, Japan’s prime minister has told the Financial Times.”

Malaysia rescues hijacked tanker, barge

„Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia maritime authorities have rescued a tanker and a barge which were hijacked in the latest South China Sea pirate attacks, officials said Sunday.”

US and Philippine marines hold combat drills

„More than 200 U.S. and Filipino marines staged an amphibious assault on a beach in a combat drill Sunday near a South China Sea shoal disputed by China and the Philippines.”

China, others to go after „criminals” along the Mekong

„China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand have agreed to joint security operations to go after „criminal organizations” which operate along the Mekong River after 13 Chinese sailors were killed in the area this month, Chinese state media reported Monday.”

America’s new Middle East ‘mini-Nato’

Army’s Vision of the Future: Mostly Doom, Some Idiocy

Russia Eyes Bigger Role On Latin American Weapons Market

China again warns foreign oil firms on South China Sea exploration


Kerala faces motor strike over fuel price hike (India)

„Another round of fuel price hike announced by the federal government in Delhi has had immediate repercussion in Kerala, with Left organisations calling for a motor vehicle strike today.”

Israel strike to shut airports, economy on Monday

„Israel’s main labor union plans a strike that would shut airports, ports, banks and the stock market starting on Monday after talks with the government failed to produce an agreement over the status of workers employed through labor contractors.”

Occupy Atlanta plans 2nd attempt to camp at park

Police Arrest More Occupy Atlanta Protesters

Jesse Jackson and Occupy Atlanta take over bank

Tens of thousands of opposition activists demonstrate for Berlusconi’s ouster

Confrontation turns violent with police, Occupy Denver

Second Iraq War Vet Hurt During Oakland Clash With Police

Jarrow marchers joined by hundreds of protesters as they complete trek (UK)

Occupy LSX march: Protesters outside Parliament Square

Occupy The Koch Brothers: Violence, Injuries, And Arrests At DC Protest

Ordinary Greeks are taking matters into their own hands

In Bangkok, Residents’ Anger Rises With Floodwaters

Bahrainis clash with police at funeral

Sit-down protesters demand scrapping of nuclear power policy (Japan)

Police confront Oakland protesters with tear gas

Oakland protesters condemn violent clashes

Syria protests across the country aim to test regime’s pledge to end crackdown

Syria peace deal close to collapse amid tank and mortar fire

S Koreans protest against trade deal with US

16 Arrested in March on Goldman Sachs

„Police arrested at least 16 people, including journalist Chris Hedges and performance artist Reverend Billy Talen, during a rally Thursday outside the headquarters of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in lower Manhattan.”

‘Occupy’ protesters heckle Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in Chicago

Occupy Round Up: Oakland General Strike, Virginia Bulldozers, and Court Victory

OWS protest turns on G20 summit in France (RT, includes video)

„The protest in Nice, which unites the Occupy Wall Street movement in the USA and anti-EU rallies in Europe, is estimated to have attracted almost 15,000 people. People are coming from all over Europe – but also from Mexico, Canada and even the Middle East.”

Banks targeted by Occupy Oakland general strike protesters

Nepalese police detain more than 100 Tibetan exiles protesting against Chinese rule

Pepco’s end: Workers threaten to cut off power to entire country (Pakistan)

Residents tear down Bangkok flood barrier

„Angry residents on city’s flood-stricken outskirts break down part of floodgate in bid to drain water from their homes.”

Bank of America Fee Retraction Shows Effect of Consumer Rage

Protestors descend on G20

Protesters, police clash in Denver

Farmers disrupt rail traffic across Punjab against land acquisition

India campaigner Anna Hazare threatens to resume fast

Anger over detained Chinese activist reaches capital

„Supporters of a blind legal activist, whose long confinement in his village in east China has sparked widespread anger, petitioned Beijing officials on Tuesday after some said they were beaten when they tried to visit the activist.”

Tibetans’ self-immolations lead China to crack down harder

Egyptians protest, anger mounts over blogger arrest

„Thousands of Egyptians protested Monday in Tahrir Square, the epicenter of an uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak this year, after a prominent activist was detained by military prosecutors.”

Police use bulldozers to break up Occupy Richmond

South Kordofan unrest: Sudan ‘kills hundreds’ of rebels

2012 Will Be A Year Of Rising Unemployment And Growing Social Unrest

Union unrest on G20 agenda

Occupy Wall Street Explained To A 5 Year Old (video)

Occupy Oakland plans general strike

Massive Rally in Lahore: Imran Khan Leads Calls for Pakistan to End US Alliance


Petrol price hike rollback likely as parties protest (India)

This is a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t situation. Energy prices must go up, but that will induce protests and riots. And did I mention food inflation? — RF

Time to Worry: World Oil Production Finishes Six Years of No Growth

ASPO-USA Conference Report: Friday Notes

„An overlooked point regarding Energy Return On Energy Invested (EROEI) is that it will take more energy (also more man-power) to create that energy and that the energy invested needs to be subtracted from what is produced. E.g. 6 mbpd of oil sands oil is not worth as much as 6 mbpd of light sweet Saudi crude, because substantially more of that 6 mbpd oil sands oil had to be reinvested in keeping production going.”

Tenaga faces cash shortage (Malaysia)

Gas shortage hits Zimbabwe

Power distribution companies face annual cash deficit of Rs 70k crore (India)

Power crisis hits masses in Balochistan (Pakistan)

Saldanha Steel plant hit by LPG shortage – ArcelorMittal SA (South Africa)

Huge energy costs weigh on manufacturers (US)

Renewable power plants vulnerable to mass shut-downs (Germany)

Feed-in tariffs: is it the end for solar PV? (UK)

Tashkent left in the dark as electricity supplies falter (Uzbekistan)

Outside cities, many can no longer rely on the Grid (US)

Maintenance of the grid, like maintenance of other infrastructure, requires increasingly more energy (money). There won’t be any smart grid, and the existing grid is already falling apart. — RF

Down the drain: what’s going wrong with Ireland’s water supply?

Peak Oil and ERoEI: Still Nonsense (Forbes)

This essay is nonsense. Technology is supposedly advancing at a dizzying speed… yet global oil production has been stagnant since 2005. So what’s all that advanced technology getting us? Not more oil, that’s for sure. And don’t forget that technology advances are achieved by means of energy, not the other way around, which is the common misperception advanced by this clueless author. — RF

Fuel shortages a big problem in the Dakotas

The oil patch is consuming much of the available fuel, according to this and other reports. As time passes, energy development will require more energy, leaving society with a diminishing share. And in fact there are fuel/power shortages around the world because the energy production/supply system can no longer keep up. This is in part the EROEI problem that the Forbes writer (above) doesn’t understand. — RF

Taming Unruly Wind Power

Texas electric rates expected to climb over next two years

Cold Fusion and Rossi’s E-Cat – The Story So Far

Peak Oil: Why We Need To Plan Now

Int’l Energy Agency forecasts $212 oil price by 2035

China credit squeeze hits coal prices

„Chinese private traders’ struggle to open letters of credit during the past three weeks has been the primary cause of the 8 percent fall in coal prices seen since the start of October, producers and traders said on Thursday.”

Shortage of diesel causing headaches for Alberta trucking companies (Canada)

Nation has to face gas shortage in winter, says Asim (Pakistan)

Early harvest, N.D. oil boom exacerbate fall fuel shortage

„‘This is worse than 2007-08,’ said Dawna Leitzke, director of the South Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association. ‘That was a supply nightmare. This is quickly escalating to a worse situation.’”

Nuclear Phase-Out Faces Billion-Euro Lawsuit (Germany)

Seoul Moves to Lower Gasoline Prices

Diesel shortage forces stations to turn customers away (Canada)

Heating Fuel Reaches Record High as Diesel Jumps in Europe: Energy Markets

„European consumers will probably pay the most ever to run diesel cars and heat their homes this year, at a time when unemployment is at the highest in more than a decade and economic confidence is falling.”

Power plants’ coal stocks dip below ‘critical’ level

„Average coal stocks at India’s thermal power plants have dipped below „critical” level, or are enough to last less than a week, against the norm of 22 days, mounting more pressure on electricity generating companies as they cannot afford to build stocks with imports because of low tariffs.”

Most Non-Chinese Rare Earth Projects Doomed: Consultant

India Delays $2.6 Billion Russian-Built Nuclear Plant on Protest

NTPC projects in WB Bihar and Orissa worst hit by coal shortage – CEA (India)

Shortage of petrol to continue for next few days (India)

Bengal headed for a power crisis (India)

Pakistan wants to import electricity from India

They have got to be kidding. — RF

Another water row in making; Afghanistan plans to build 12 dams on Kabul River

„Country could face the water scarcity of 8 million acres feet on Kabul river as Afghanistan has started to work on construction of 12 small and medium size hydro power projects on river Kabul without inking any treaty over water rights with Pakistan.”

Belgium to switch off nuclear, operator sees blackout ahead

„As Belgium becomes the latest European nation to agree to switch off nuclear power, operator Electrabel warned Monday of high costs, environmental fallout and increased dependency on foreign suppliers.”

Staggered gas supply to Chittagong industries (Bangladesh)

„As a mark of protest, businesses last Monday formed human chains in front of each of the re-rolling mills in Chittagong.”

Economy reels as gas shortage hits hard (South Africa)

GCC will spend $25b to expand power generation capacity

„It is boosting demand for natural gas, which is creating a gas supply shortage in the region. It is also boosting demand for the region’s heavily subsidised hydrocarbons which, in turn, is reducing the volumes exported and the revenues received.”

Diesel shortage results in higher costs for truckers (Canada)

Jet fuel shortage till year end (South Africa)

Malaysia’s Tenaga faces gas shortage for 2-3 months more

Fuel crisis worsens in Malawi

„Despite continued assurances for normalcy from the authorities, the fuel situation continued to worsen over the weekend, with most stations in Malawi remaining dry or a battle-ground for buyers.”

US Cash Products- Midwest diesel rallies on supply shortages

„NEW YORK, Oct 31 (Reuters) – Midwest diesel rose again on Monday as supply outages persisted at regional terminals while shipments from the Gulf Coast dwindled and agricultural demand rose, traders said.”

China Completes First Biofuel Jet Test Flight

On industrial civilization’s current scale, biofuels will never be more than a drop in the bucket. — RF

Uganda: Energy Shortfalls and High Costs Dim Economic Development Prospects

„Uganda’s effort to diversify the economy from an agro-based to an industrialised one could remain a dream given the chronic power supply deficit, coupled with high energy prices that seem to be thwarting the process.”

Brazil Lacks Sugar Cane to Boost Ethanol Exports, Senator Says

„Brazil won’t produce enough ethanol to meet increasing foreign demand unless cane companies invest in new mills and plantations.”

The Triumph of King Coal: Hardening Our Coal Addiction

„Despite all the talk about curbing greenhouse gas emissions, the world is burning more and more coal. The inconvenient truth is that coal remains a cheap and dirty fuel — and the idea of „clean” coal remains a distant dream.”

Japan’s oil imports in September rises 4.5% on year

‘LPG shortage reaching critical levels’ – DA (South Africa)

Fuel shortage on the brink of grounding OR Tambo (South Africa)

„OR TAMBO International Airport teeters on the brink of massive flight disruptions unless the crunching jet fuel shortage at the facility is resolved soon.”

South Africa is feeling the energy pinch across the board: Gas, electricity, and liquid fuels. — RF

Lack of gas deflates TNB’s outlook (Malaysia)

Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) sees electricity demand growing 4% next year, but the utility firm will struggle to profit from the projected increase as the lack of gas supply means it is operating at a loss.

Revolutionary New Process Turns Biomass Waste into Fuel Oil

Don’t get excited. There’s nothing here about the EROEI of the process. — RF

Iron ore price slump to deepen despite Indian supply cut

Iron-ore price drop may hit Australia hard

It’s taken a while for iron-ore prices to react, but spot iron ore has fallen by around 30% in the past month, according to reports out last week.

Asia firms to buy Grande Cache Coal for $1-billion

India grapples with coal shortfalls

„Although the government aims to double power generation over the next decade, India faces a shortage of about 100 million tons of coal in the next year, The Australian newspaper reports. That’s equal to more than half its power generation capacity.”

Oil rises 18 pct in October

Yanbu Cement slams Saudi Aramco over fuel shortage

Cut in government subsidies threaten solar energy companies


Thieves strike again as price of metal continues to soar (UK)

Thieves attempt to steal Ronald Reagan statue in Newport Beach

Highways are high-traffic crime scenes

„Stealing from highways has become an epidemic in South Carolina and across the country as thieves make off with everything from stormwater grates to road signs. (…) Steel rods and construction tractors were stolen during the recently completed Interstate 26 widening project in the Lowcountry. And heavy metal plates covering holes in the road — and even heavy machinery— are targets.”

Metal thieves target Britain’s war memorials


Scoop on rising food costs, farmers weigh in at livestock expo

The Well-Stocked Pantry (Mother Earth News)

Global food prices may go by up to 50%: UNDP report

Food shortage forces charity to turn people away

India’s food inflation climbs to 12.08%

Meat Prices Continue Their Bull Run

Lower RI crop output may threaten food security, boost prices

„Lower production of Indonesian key crops this year coupled with a global rice shortage may threaten food security and boost prices, as the country counters the impact of the global economic slowdown.”

Drought could cost ag industry $20B (Texas)

Rising food cost forces children to eat leaves in world’s poorest countries

Congress may cut aid to poor as food prices soar

„Food costs are now forecast to increase this year by a stunning 3.5 percent to 4.5 percent — nearly double the core inflation rate — while the food stamp program that helps more than 44 million Americans is facing a congressional chopping block.”

Floods Leave Southeast Asia More Vulnerable to Food Price Shocks

Higher costs for 2012 crop inputs expected (US)

How Fear Drove World Rice Markets Insane

This turns out to be another good argument against food globalization. — RF

Hay Shortage Compounds Woe in Drought-Stricken Texas

YEMEN: Why malnutrition could get worse

High and dry: Southwest drought means rising food prices

Reasons To End Factory Farming

Peanut butter prices skyrocketing

One of the worst peanut harvests in decades.
Food pantries feeling the pinch of shortages


Thailand’s black flood waters march on as death toll surges past 500

Thailand Floodwaters Threaten Second Honda Factory, Inner-Bangkok Industry

Radioactive cesium found on S. Korean streets

Floods encroach deeper into Bangkok, risk subway

Northwest Italy floods kill 6; Genoa awash in mud

Thai Flooding Causes Threat of Disease

U.S. could face another Dust Bowl era

Cantaloupe listeria outbreak most deadly since 1924

Deadly Oman storm causes $50m in damage

Why Population Matters to the environment

7 Billion Reasons Malthus Was Wrong

This essay is just plain wrong. The reason that the world population has grown this much and that cities aren’t buried under horse manure is the fossil fuel bonanza of cheap, plentiful energy. It’s a temporary reprieve because the ghost of Malthus is coming back with a vengeance. — RF

Study: Climate change causing Mediterranean droughts


Chinese Cyber-Espionage Growing: U.S. Report

Debunking the Iran ‘Terror Plot’ (Gareth Porter)

More govt computers infected / Nearly two dozen PCs found to have

Trojan horse viruses (Japan)

„Chaos,” if city water supply cut (Bangkok)

EU, U.S. Conduct Cyber Attack Exercise

Practical Steps for Creating a Self-Sustainable Home

Siri goes down for iPhone 4S owners across the country

China, Russia Top List Of U.S. Economic Cyberspies

Network Down in Singapore? Blame Surge in Data Usage: Experts

„In less than six months, Singapore’s three telcos have suffered four massive network outages, resulting in customer connection problems previously unheard of.”

Citizen Spy Recruitment Program Launches in U.S. Hotels

Air Force Keeps ‘Micro-Aviary’ Of Tiny, Bird-like ‘Bots

Report details defense industry cyber attack

Manned ISS Flights Look Better After Successful Soyuz Launch

Eventually space exploration will be confined exclusively to the pages of science fiction. — RF

Globalists Using London Cyberspace Summit to Push for Global Internet Treaty

Report: Chinese hackers launched summer offensive on US chemical industry

Exciting New Ways To Spy On Protest Movements

Bangkok near chaos, with flood mobs and drinking water shortage

So It Turns Out The Oakland Police Were Embedded In Occupy Oakland’s Camp Before Their Raid


High Level of Radiation at Fukushima Station

Japan coast guard arrests captain of Chinese fishing boat

Japan dives into South China Sea flap with China

¥900 billion OK’d as initial Tepco compensation fund

Farmland conversion up after disaster

Farmland destruction has always been a primary means of „development” in Japan. Even with a global food crisis staring them in the face, Japan’s leaders can’t see their folly. — RF

Japan’s debts to pass 1,000 trillion yen for first time

Of course they’re going to pay it back… right? — RF

Big anti-TPP rally held in Tokyo as deadline for decision looms

Over 40% Of Firms Fail To Secure Enough Recruits For Fiscal 2012

Flood spurs nine-country Toyota output curb

Toyota, Honda May Not Recover Output Until ’12

Thai floods hit high-tech firms / No indication when work could begin to restore industrial parks

S&P puts Sony on negative credit watch

Tepco Now Under Virtual State Management

Tepco logs ¥627 billion first-half loss over crisis

Canon To Cut Sales Goals As Economies Sour: Chairman

TPP debate boils down to clash between business, farm sectors

„In Tokyo’s upscale Ginza district where consumers shop for their handbags and smartphones, furious farmers drove their tractors down the main street last week to protest Japan joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade pact.”

Lightning is nemesis of windmills, threatening Japan’s renewable energy campaign

Power-saving campaign to shorten illumination periods

Japanese government wants to build ‘back-up’ Tokyo

They might start on it, but it’ll never be finished. — RF

Noda warns of eurozone crisis chain reaction

Chain reaction, coming right up! — RF

Thai floods force Honda Philippines to close

Xenon at Fukushima not result of ‘critical’ nuclear reactions: TEPCO

„Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Thursday the detection of radioactive xenon at its stricken Fukushima Daiichi power plant, indicating recent nuclear fission, was not the result of a sustained nuclear chain reaction known as a criticality, as feared, but a case of ‘spontaneous’ fission.”

Municipalities increasingly unwilling to accept quake debris

Electronics giants struggling / Many firms in red due to dependence on unprofitable products

Tepco Detects Possible Nuclear Fission at Fukushima, Raising Risk of Leaks

„‘Melted fuel in the No. 2 reactor may have undergone a sustained process of nuclear fission or re-criticality,’ Tetsuo Ito, the head of Kinki University’s Atomic Energy Research Institute, said by phone. ‘The nuclear fission should be containable by injecting boron into the reactor to absorb neutrons.’”

Japan nuclear crisis: Xenon detected at Fukushima plant

Radioactive tellurium, silver detected near Fukushima plant

New International Report Shreds Japan’s Carefully Constructed Fukushima Scenario

Kyushu Electric calls on businesses, public to cut power usage in winter

Japan Faces $510 Billion Losses From Yen Sales, JPMorgan Says

Impact of Japan’s record intervention seen as short-lived

Sony shares sink on massive loss forecast

„Sony Corp warned of a fourth straight year of losses, with its television unit alone set to lose $2.2 billion on tumbling demand and a surging yen.”

S&P downgrades Panasonic one notch to ‘A’

New cyberattack hits computers in Diet

Law changes to allow police to track criminal suspects via cell phone GPS

Winter power cuts for Kansai, Kyushu

„The government decided Tuesday to ask customers of Kansai Electric Power Co. to cut power usage by more than 10 percent and customers of Kyushu Electric Power Co. to reduce their electricity consumption by 5 percent this winter.”

Japanese urged to wrap up as Warm Biz gets under way

Kyushu Electric restarts Genkai nuclear reactor

Japanese official drinks Fukushima nuclear plant water

Reminds me of when a Khian Sea crew member ate some of its toxic ash cargo to prove its safety. — RF

Japan’s Hitachi half-year net profit down 67.8%

Nomura plunges into red amid market turbulence

Sony expected to book another quarterly loss

Gov’t approves plan to send GSDF troops to South Sudan

Land in disaster area basically nontaxable

Record ¥7.5 trillion sold in forex intervention: estimate

Kansai faces most severe winter power shortage -Nikkei

„Kansai Electric Power Co is facing the most severe power shortage this winter among the nine Japanese utilities that operate nuclear plants, as opposition to restarting idled reactors limits its power generation.”

Japan’s Shikoku sees 2.1 pct Feb power margin

Panasonic sees $5.5 billion annual loss, worst in a decade

TDK to cut 11,000 jobs worldwide

Earthquake, Tsunami, Monsoon – What’s Next For Honda? Locusts?


China Credit Squeeze Prompting Suicides Along With Offer to Sever a Finger

China Money Rate Drops Most in Three Weeks on Cash Injection

Chinese cities fret as land sales fall

A Quick Reminder About China…

China’s vanishing factory bosses

China’s huge leap forward into space threatens US ascendancy over heavens

But there will be no vacationing on Mars. Future use of space will be limited to military purposes. — RF

Polysilicon Drop May Halt Output From 90% of China’s Factories, Group Says

Second Tibetan nun burns to death in China

China’s Overwhelming Demand for Resources

Mining accidents in China to increase imports

„Mining accidents in China may result in more metal imports as the government has shut down many small and dangerous mines which are prone to accidents to promote safety.”

Going after pirates (Chinese warships leave for Gulf of Aden)

Beijing Risks Public Backlash If Rescues Europe

Tanker drivers steal gas from employers amid China’s diesel shortage

Zhuhai Puts Ceiling on Home Property Prices

China Corn Output Jumps 6.7% to Record, Tops Forecast, Farmer Survey Shows

„The cost of seed, fertilizer and crop-protection chemicals rose an average of 25 percent in 2011.”

China Record Corn Crop Still Failing to Meet Demand for Feed: Commodities

„Production in China will likely fall 11 million tons short of demand by 2015, Li Xigui, the deputy head of grains at the state-run China National Grains and Oils Information Center, said at a conference in Singapore on Sept. 20. Importing corn to make up the deficit would rank the country as the world’s second-biggest buyer after Japan.”

China’s bubble might burst next

„Bearish observers single out the twin trends of easy credit and rampant overbuilding – sound familiar?”

Chinese Silver Investment Going Parabolic

China’s Manufacturing PMI Disappoints, Again

H.K. Home Prices May Fall 45%: Barclays

China’s Stocks Decline, Paring Biggest Monthly Gain in Year

Halloween comes early for Chinese real estate

China’s Electrical Needs Soon to Outstrip Production

OECD foresees single-digit growth for China

Hong Kong Homes Face Rising ‘Negative Equity’ on Sentiments, Barclays Says


UK could give £40bn to the IMF, Danny Alexander says

Some unions hell-bent on strikes, Danny Alexander says

As energy rationing increases are Brits to turn to equity release?

Households Planning To Ration Their Energy Use To Save Money

„To try and save money the vast majority of households will be rationing their energy use this winter, with some turning the heat off altogether.”

SAS squads based in riverside bunker for London Olympics

„SAS squads will be based in a secret riverside bunker by the Thames for the London Olympics to combat terrorist threats more effectively.”

Anger at Tata steel job losses

More parents ‘enrolling young children in boarding schools’

„Rising numbers of young children are being sent to boarding schools as recession-hit parents are forced to work longer hours in the downturn, it emerged today.”

Unison members vote to strike

„The Government was tonight facing the biggest outbreak of industrial unrest since the 1979 Winter of Discontent after members of the largest public sector union voted in favour of strikes in the bitter row over pensions.”

Fracking ‘probable’ cause of Lancashire quakes

Pensions offer not enough, say unions

„Unions are pressing ahead with plans for the biggest strike in a generation despite a new Government offer on public sector pensions described as the ‘chance of a lifetime’.”

UK Cops Using Fake Mobile Phone Tower to Intercept Calls, Shut Off Phones

St Paul’s, caught between God and Mammon in tent protest

St Paul’s and Corporation of London halt legal action against Occupy camp

No warships guarding British shores

„Cutbacks have left the UK without a single warship specifically tasked with protecting the country’s shores for the past month, the Ministry of Defence confirmed today.”

Manufacturing drops ‘like a stone’

London solar incentives running dry

Troops on standby for big freeze

„The Army is to be put on standby this winter as part of emergency planning measures in case of a severe freeze.”

IDS: Grandparents keep society from ‘collapse’


Hit With Big Withdrawals, Fed Sells Assets, Borrows Cash

Oklahoma quake buckles highway, damages several homes

Putting extended families under 1 roof

Our present moment is an inflection point in the history of industrial civilization: The nuclear family has peaked, and we have begun the return to the extended family. — RF

Student Loans: The Next Bubble?

One Year of Prison Costs More Than One Year at Princeton

Is the economy that bad? Six doggie bag stories.

$4 Trillion Debt Deal Possible

„A ‘bold’ deficit-reduction deal worth $4 trillion is possible, say two influential lawmakers, one a Democrat the other a Republican, who expressed willingness to compromise over their previous positions on taxes and spending.”

Officials Outline Pentagon’s Support to Industrial Base

‘Friendly fire’ also can kill the truth

The Mysterious Disappearance of MF Global’s $630 Million

Most of the unemployed no longer receive benefits

„Early last year, 75 percent were receiving checks. The figure is now 48 percent — a shift that points to a growing crisis of long-term unemployment. Nearly one-third of America’s 14 million unemployed have had no job for a year or more.”

U.S. Employers Add Fewest Jobs in Four Months

Extreme Poverty Is Now At Record Levels

Bank dumping days begin

More Small Businesses Are Pulling Their Accounts Out Of Big Banks

Credit unions add 650K members ahead of ‘Bank Transfer Day’

Bank of America Plans Stock Swap to Cut Debt

U.S. military group urges slash in oil use

Jobs Report: ‘Things Are So Bad That This Looks Good’

US Needs To Generate 262,500 Jobs Monthly To Return To Pre-Depression Employment By End Of Obama Second Term

About that jobs report… — RF

Latest airline fare increase seen failing

More than half of Florida homeowners in default are 2 years overdue

‘I’m home!’ Adult children move back in

‘Devastating’ cuts if super committee fails

Detroit in „extremely serious” fiscal shape: mayor

Senators predict massive U.S. withdrawal from international organizations (Foreign Policy)

Amid record deportations from the US, Mexico urges migrants to head home

30 companies paid ‘less than zero’ taxes in recent years

Members of Congress Increased Personal Wealth 25% in Two Years

Rich Class fighting 99%, winning big-time (Paul Farrell)

Congrats, 2010 grads! Your debt load is the heaviest

Average student loan debt tops $25,000

Consumer Comfort Index And State Of The Economy Almost Record Lows

Poorest of the poor: Now 1 in 15 Americans

Deflation comes in seven forms. Five are already here.

Many States Already Worried About Running Short

„State governments across the U.S. are just a few months into their fiscal years and already many fear that tax revenues are running short of forecasts.”

Freddie Mac seeks $6 billion more in aid

Will Meredith Whitney Be Proven Right In The End?

The short answer is yes. Since growth is dead, munis are ultimately just more unpayable debt. — RF

650,000 Americans Joined Credit Unions Last Month — More Than in All of 2010 Combined

Cyclical Unemployment Disappears

Kellogg 3rd-quarter net income falls; outlook cut

„Cereal and snack maker Kellogg Co. said Wednesday its third-quarter net income fell 14 percent, more than expected, as the company invested in its supply chain, adding to pressure from soaring commodity costs.”

Railroad’s new golden age

Northeast Running Low on Fuel

„From Connecticut to Massachusetts, inclement weather is causing customers to face long lines at gasoline stations.”

Food and the Empire (more great observations from Gregor Macdonald)

US Federal Reserve slashes US growth forecasts

ADP Number Confirms Relentless Erosion In US Manufacturing Base

Bernanke: More Stimulus ‘on the Table’

Fed Officials May Prepare Ground for Further Bond Purchases, Survey Shows

Washington state gov: Prisoners needed to pick apples

Air Force cutting 9,000 jobs now, more later

Day of reckoning for shadow inventory and distressed properties – 40 percent of properties in foreclosure have not made a payment in two years or more.

Three Troubling Ways Americans are Maintaining Their Spending

Postal Service rescue plan offered by senators

No relief for long-term unemployed

Rabbit Ears Redux: Antennas for Free Broadcast TV Make a Comeback

Texas drought endangers power projects

Manufacturing in U.S. Comes Close to Stagnating as Global Demand Weakens

Facing state takeover, Harrisburg officials talk

No Sign Of Recovery

Fed to pause, sow seeds for more easing

Hundreds Of Millions Missing From MF Global, ‘New York Times’ Reports

Food stamp participation on the rise

Donations To Occupy Wall Street Skyrocket In October

Home Prices Heading for Triple-Dip

First it was the double dip. Now it’s the triple dip. Of course it’s not a dip, but rather another leg down on the general economic collapse that’s just getting started. — RF

New Police Drone Near Houston Could Carry Weapons

No Inflation? Fed Calls Food, Energy Gains ‘Temporary’ Despite 24-Year Rise

$100 million payout for retiring CEO

Beacon Power: Another energy loan gone bad

Europe crisis fallout: MF Global goes bankrupt

Americans Feeling Less & Less Financially Secure

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